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The story of "Cascina del Monastero" began in 1926 when Alessio Grasso, a wine producer from Treiso, became the owner of Cascina Luciani and the vineyards surrounding the farmhouse.

Located in an outlying district of the village of La Morra called Annunziata, the farm had belonged to the Benedictine convent of Mercenasco, and been run for 300 years by monks from St. Peter’s monastery in Savigliano.

Since the days of Alessio Grasso,without changing its original spirit the winery has been improved and extended, adapting the facilities to the demands of an agricultural enterprise at the forefront of fine wine production.

A worthy heir to the founder has been found in Alessio’s grandson Giuseppe, who runs the business today with his wife Velda, and they are ready one day to pass the helm on to their children Loris and Giada, the latest in the line of a family devoted to the hills of the Langa.
Over the years Giuseppe has worked hard to expand the old farm, equipping it with a new winery fitted out with the latest in winemaking machinery.

On visiting the cellar though, it soon becomes apparent that Giuseppe has not forgotten the hardships his ancestors had to endure in this pursuit of new technology. In fact a corner is given over to a small museum displaying equipment used in the past to work the land, reminding visitors of how hard it was in those days to get the vines to yield up the precious nectar which is now appreciated throughout the world.

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