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Located in the heart of the Langhe, in the Annunziata district of La Morra, Cascina del Monastero continues to do justice to this sun-kissed farm’s original name: Luciani, derived from the Latin for ‘light’.

On the hillside behind the farmhouse are to be found the estate’s 15 giornate piemontesi (the approximate local equivalent of acres) of vineyards.

Standing at an average altitude of 250 metres above sea level on clayey-calcareous soil, they produce the winery’s ten prestigious labels: exuberant wines packed with aromas and flavour.

Today "Cascina del Monastero" is also home to an agritourism facility, which faces due south at the foot of a hill surrounded by vineyards.
Run by Giuseppe Grasso’s wife, Velda, ten rooms furnished in period style accommodate guests in peace and quiet, allowing the spirit to reclaim the natural rhythm that has been so completely undermined by our contemporary way of life.

La Cascina del Monastero ® Cascina Luciani, 112/a - Frazione Annunziata - 12064 La Morra (CN) - Italia
Mail - Tel. +39 0173 50.92.45 - Fax +39 0173 50.92.45 - cell. 333 2605719 (Velda) - 339 2280466 (Beppe)
P.IVA 02229610049 - n. Rea CN 162388 - - Numero iscrizione Ufficio Imprese: 02229610049
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